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About Augustus King

Named after a business venture that Matt and his late Father (Mike) had. The idea was that the profits would fund the start of Matt's trading career. Mike would have been proud to see that Matt's trading flourished regardless, and the fund now carries the name of Augustus King.

Is Augustus King Right For My Needs?

YES, if any of the following apply:

- You are looking to diversify your savings.

- You wish to also profit from market crashes or bear markets (not just bull markets).

- You want to outperform regular 'buy & hold' pension plans.

- You already trade and would like to add a trading robot to manage part of your portfolio to free up more time.
- You have more than £50,000 to invest.

NO, if any of the following apply:

- You are only looking to invest in the short-term (less than 5 years).

- You are investing using loans, credit or other debt.

Our Philosophy

At its core, Matt's philosophy is built on a systematic (rules-based) trend-following approach, Matt predominantly trades price action signals using medium-term outlooks.

The aim is to save people from the antiquated approach of 'buy & hold' stocks and the simple assumption they'll always go up.

Instead, Matt prefers to nimbly hedge risk across stocks worldwide, agricultural commodities, metals, oil, gas, currencies, bonds, treasuries, and cryptocurrencies.

Following trends both up and down and managing risk by keeping losing trades small and allowing large trends (when they occur) to develop into huge winning trades.

Trend-following has centuries of historic out-performance vs. the average market returns.


For Matt, it's the north star philosophy that guides every element of his trading and investment!

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The Face Behind Augustus King

Matthew Spurr: Dad, Husband, Tech Serial Entrepreneur, Multi-Lingual, Prop Trader, Trend Following FTW, Eats Fast, Prefers Cold Weather, Likes Wine, Enjoys Golf, Snowboarding, and Triathlon.

Matthew Spurr

I've been trading for over 10 years now. I currently manage an account for a leading European prop firm, Samuel & Co Trading Ltd, on their FX and Commodities desk.

My trading philosophy is predicated on a trend-following approach with maximum diversification over as many liquid markets as I can get exposure to. I attack trends both long and short, letting my winners run and keeping the losers small.

I often devise, consult-on and create automated trading systems for existing traders to improve their productivity and ensure flawless execution and risk management.

For the better part of a decade now I've been utterly in love with every aspect of the markets.

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