A smart algo which will get you in and out of highly liquid markets regularly (2-4 times per day) and will look to profit from volatility in the markets both long and short depending on the overriding trend direction.


Broker verified results can be seen here from a real money account with a typical starting balance of £20,000: https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/ak-hedge-bot/9590916


In the product images you can see some results based on accurate tick data backtested over a massive 6,481 trades (4-years)


What's Included?


AK Hedge Bot can be applied to either MT4 or MT5 depending upon your preference when ordering. This license will entitle you to use the software on one trading account only (one MetaTrader server), and if you would like to have it recoded to another server then you can do so for a fee of £200. The algo comes complete with a vast range of settings for you to backtest and tweak to match your own trading preferences. However, as standard, the AK Hedge Bot will come with default settings that we have demonstrated in the above backtest results.


These settings include:


- Higher time frame trend filter options

- Detailed position sizing, for the starting order and consequent potential hedges

- Custom hedging settings to control when the bot begins to hedge if the trade turns against your initial entry

- The option to use percentage price distance or absolute pip distances for hedge settings

- Advanced risk settings, including multiple stop loss and take profit options.

- Max drawdown protection

- Auto-delay or pause the expert advisor (bot) when max drawdown is triggered

- Trading hours, including the ability to close all orders at the end of the trading week, and total control over when the bot will spring back into action for you every day and every week (day or night)

- Loads of visual customizations so that your charts look just as your want them to.

- Active trade tracers to show you at a glance where you've entered positions and where the current (or closed) price is/was. Seeing these tracers really makes you appreciate just how clever the AK Hedge Bot is


After you've purchased your version of the AK Hedge Bot, we'll send you your:


- Installation files

- Setup instructions

- Tutorial video

- If you are having trouble you'll also have access to support from our team


Once you have installed your Bot, customized your settings to your own trading preferences, and pressed the automated trading button, the tool will start to monitor the markets and execute trades based on your chosen criteria.


Although this expert advisor does place all trades for you automatically and has been thoroughly tested before being approved for sale, we always recommend closely monitoring the activity to ensure that it is executing correctly according to your risk and hedge setting.


If you have not opted to choose max drawdown protection in your settings then you may prefer to manually intervene at times when a hedge is stuck in a trade for an extended period of time. We do not recommend having no max drawdown protection for less-experienced traders as hedged positions could get too large for some account sizes (depending on your risk preferences) and this could result in margin calls if not managed properly.


The highly customizable risk settings and max drawdown protection are just a few of the features that make the AK Hedge Bot such a robust expert advisor for all trader types and needs.


Broker verified results can be seen here from a real money account with a typical starting balance of £20,000: https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/ak-hedge-bot/9590916




Please remember that past performance is not always indicative of future returns and where possible you should always carry out your own backtests and exercise great caution with monitoring your own EA whilst it's active. You may wish to consider using a VPS to allow the bot to continue trading during periods of computer down time. Investments can go up as well as down and trading leveraged products carries high risk, so please ensure that you understand the risks involved with spread bets and CFDs before purchasing this EA.

AK Hedge Bot

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  • Because of the nature of the product being licensed to only one server we do allow a 14-day returns policy whereby if you're not happy with the EA you can let the team know, and we will simply remove the license connected to your server so that it can no longer be used and we'll issue a full refund without any questions.

    Beyond the 14-day cancellation period we cannot issue any refunds because the product is a fully tested and consistent file that will have been used for a sufficient period of time already to test that it works as described.

  • Our team will be in touch within 24-hours to request information about where you'd like your trading bot to be applied (MT4 or MT5 and server #).

    We will then send you your installation files, instructions and tutorial video for your to get started.

    Our team will be on standby to help you should you require further assistence with installation and setup.