Diversified Trend Following

Augustus King primarily utilizes a disciplined and systematic strategy to trade a wide array of liquid global markets with the goal of capturing large persistent market trends.


The strategy is highly diversified, trading over 40 markets, across multiple timeframes, both long and short.


The core of the investment program is to cut losing trades very quickly and systematically, ride winners, appropriately manage risk, and be consistent. Patience and discipline are essential while trading this program. The active risk control process seeks to protect capital and limit downside risk, while skewing returns and volatility to the upside.

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We seek to generate positive returns that are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes by trading a diverse set of over 40 markets across varying times frames, both long and short.


This includes forex, bonds, global stock indices, grains, softs (food and fiber), meats, metals, and energies. Our exposure to such a wide array of markets adds value to any portfolio.

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Built on Research and Historic Performance

Investment approach is grounded in academic and practitioner research dating back several decades.

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Robust and Dependable Approach

Our fund is built in a robust way to trade our systematic risk management strategy through bull markets, bear markets, flat markets, liquidity crises, and flash crashes. As long as there are a few markets out of the 40+ we're trading that are showing extended trends, then we can profit for our investors regardless of market conditions.

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